About Us

Haldi Dhana is an online kirana service started by Prateek Saraf for the people of Pali. Shop for your daily kirana and get delivery to your doorstep within 2 hours.

What all we have in bucket for you?

  1. The best picked up household items ranging from various pulses or different qualities to the typical stuff you would grab from a wholesale market. We’ve all the masale, nuts and other homemade food-items. So our products, in brief are spread wide on the scale of general and grocery stuffs.
  2. Premium delivery as we tag it, everything is expected to be delivered well packed and is maintained well under our superior provision. The delivery is generally made the same day within the span of 2-3 hours.
  3. Worried Rates, well you need to keep that off your shoulder, as we do not go by the MRPs and offer our customers with the best rates in the market.
  4. Timings of booking the fresh ensured quality items is from Monday-Saturday between 10 am to 8 pm.
  5. Privileges offered of returning back with any faulty items delivered and an easy option of cash on delivery which makes it easy for those who don’t quite get the net banking. We make everything easy and smooth for our customers.

So folks what are you waiting for, sit back, relax in your couch and order everything which would be helpful in cooking a delicious meal throughout the week. Your first order could be just a click away with a discount coupon to avail.

We’re here, so now worries shall be spared.

Happiness Delivered !

Currently we are operational in Pali (Rajasthan). In Pali we offer delivery from Housing board to Tagore Nagar, Transport Nagar to Mandia Road.

If anyone wants their items to be listed on this website, then please contact Prateek Saraf on +91 94130-80900 or on da.prateek@gmail.com.